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Osteoporosis: If you do not eat these things in food, then you may also have this problem!

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a bone related problem in which the bone becomes brittle. Simply put, when the bones are healthy, there are small holes in them, whereas when a person has osteoporosis, the holes in the bones increase more than natural. Because of this the bone loses its strength and its outer surface becomes weak and thin and as a result the risk of bone fractures becomes very high. Even a minor fall can result in a fracture. Some cases become so serious that even sneezing breaks the bone. In this problem, there is pain in the leg of the person, there is difficulty in walking. There is also inability to do everyday work.

Risk of osteoporosis even in youth

You will be surprised to know that earlier this problem was faced by people above 45 years of age. But now youths of 30 to 40 years are also falling prey to osteoporosis. More than one crore cases of this disease are present in India at present. In this problem, the bones degenerate instead of regenerating. This happens when there is not enough calcium in your diet.

At the same time, this problem also happens to those people who are struggling with vitamin D deficiency. The problem of osteoporosis also occurs due to alcohol and smoking. The hormonal changes that occur after menopause in women also increase the risk of osteoporosis. To avoid this disease, it is necessary to consume 1000 mg of calcium everyday. The best way to supply it is through a calcium-rich diet.

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Symptoms of Osteoporosis

    • Recurrent fractures of the limbs or other parts of the body
    • forward body tilt
    • feeling tired even after walking a little
    • persistent back pain
    • loss of strength to grasp an object

Include these foods in your diet to avoid osteoporosis

Sesame- According to experts, calcium is found in plenty in sesame seeds. Apart from this, essential nutrients like iron, protein, phosphorus, fiber, magnesium are found in sesame. If you consume one teaspoon of sesame daily, then the body can get 146 mg of calcium, which can provide relief in the problem of osteoporosis.

mustard greens- Mustard greens are a powerhouse of calcium. The amount of calcium in it is 120 mg. If you want to get relief in the problem of osteoporosis, then you should include mustard greens in your diet.

Kiwi- To get rid of the problem of osteoporosis, you can also consume kiwi. 23 mg of calcium is found in one kiwi alone. Its consumption is very good for the body. Folate deficiency can also be easily overcome by this. Apart from this, vitamin C is also found in it, which boosts your immunity.

ragi-You can also include ragi in your diet. Ragi is rich in calcium, 100 grams of ragi contains 344 to 364 milligrams of calcium.

Almond- Almonds are also a good source of calcium. Sufficient amount of calcium is available by consuming almonds. You can eat almond pudding, almond kheer, almond milk and roasted almonds.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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