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Monday, July 22nd, 2024

Orient Electric AQUATOR+ | 15L Storage water heater| 5 Ultra-diamond Glassline coated tank| Up to 8 bar pressure compatibility| High-rise suitable| 7 year tank warranty | Free Installation

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Price: ₹17,990 - ₹7,790.00
(as of Jul 10, 2024 21:45:46 UTC – Details)

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Aquator + 6L_1Aquator + 6L_1

Enamour Prime_2Enamour Prime_2

Enamour Prime_3Enamour Prime_3

Aura Instant Pro_7Aura Instant Pro_7

Aura Rapid Pro_2Aura Rapid Pro_2

Shock-Proof & Splash-Proof Body

The water heater comes an IPX4 high-strength Polymer body that is shock-proof & splash-proof for an ultra-safe usage.

20% More Hot Water Output

Equipped with the cutting-edge Whirlflow technology, our Storage water heater yields 20% more hot water, by minimizing the direct mixing of hot & cold water.

10% Longer Heat Retention

Insulated with high-quality PUF, the water heater retains heat for 10% longer, giving you the luxury of hot water anytime.

Intuitive Design For Utmost Convenience

Fitted with an ergonomic temperature control knob, the water heater allows you to set the temperature of your hot water, as per your requirements.

Aura Rapid Pro_3Aura Rapid Pro_3

20% More Hot Water Output with Whirlflow Technology: Equipped with the cutting-edge Whirlflow technology, this 15 litre geyser yields 20% more hot water by minimizing the direct mixing of hot and cold water.
ENJOY 40% LONGER TANK LIFE: With Ultra-Diamond Glassline tank, this water heater comes with 40% extra tank lifespan, offering a lasting performance.
ENGINEERED FOR LONGEVITY: Crafted with a corrosion-resistant body, this storage water heater features a 27% thicker Magnesium anode rod and Glassline coated incoloy heating element, ensuring durability and longevity.
IDEAL FOR HIGH-RISE BUILDINGS: With a pressure compatibility up to 8 bars, the water heater is suitable for high-rise buildings
INTUITIVE DESIGN FOR UTMOST CONVENIENCE: Fitted with a temperature control knob, this 15 litre geyser allows you take control of your hot water requirements.
ENHANCED SAFETY & BETTER LOAD EFFICIENCY: The water heater comes with a Multifunction valve for enhanced safety, and a moulded 3-pin plug for better load efficiency.
10% LONGER HEAT RETENTION WITH PUF INSULATION: Insulated with high-quality PUF, the water heater retains heat for 10% longer.
WARRANTY FOR ULTIMATE PEACE OF MIND: With a 7-year warranty on storage tank, a 4-year warranty on heating element, and a 2-year warranty on overall product, this storage water heater comes protected against manufacturing defects.

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