Friday, March 24th, 2023

Oppo Innovations! The new Reno series will be equipped with a multi-directional camera, the device will be unlocked from the vein; read details

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is reportedly working on a new Reno series of smartphones with a multi-directional camera module. LetsGoDigital reports that the firm has filed a patent with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) which was approved earlier this week.

Unique camera will work like this
As per the patent, the handset will have a unique camera module that is capable of capturing photos from the side of the device as well. For taking images from the side, the device will have a cutout on one side that will allow the primary lens to shift its focus to the side using a mirror.

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Oppo devices will be unlocked by vein
Oppo recently granted a patent for a new technology that could be used in its future wearable devices. The company has patented a vein unlocking technology, possibly a form of biometric security system. The new technology has a patent number of CN110298944B and describes “Title Unlocking Method and Vein Unlocking Device”.


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