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Opinion: The whole game is about money! Death in Noida’s lift raises alarm bells for residents of society

New Delhi: If you have never been trapped in an elevator, you will not understand how it feels inside that closed compartment. In a matter of minutes, in seconds, many people start feeling breathless. The palpitations increase and you can even reach a suffocating state. A few hours ago in Noida, 73-year-old Sushila Devi, who was inside the Paras Tierra Society, died when the lift wire snapped. That old man was alone in the elevator. He suffered serious injuries on the back of his head. According to the doctor, the woman died due to a heart attack. What would have happened in this society of Noida Sector 137 at 4.30 pm yesterday, imagine that the lift broke down from the multi-storey building and got stuck somewhere in the middle. The AOA ie Apartment Owners Association took the handover from the builder two months ago. After that water and electricity problems started. Local people have told that the maintenance of the lift is not good. Narendra Singh clearly said that this is complete negligence of AOA. If you do not live in a tower, then it is important to know what AOA is and what it does. The question is also that when the residents pay the maintenance every month then why doesn’t the society function properly?

What is AOA, why lift does not get fixed

First know about the working of AOA. Think of it as a government elected by you residents. The whole system runs with public money. It is managed by around 9 people from AOA. There is a regular election in this. New AoA is made every year. Prior to this, the maintenance of cleaning, guard, gardening and other works in the society is done by the builder. It is maintenance work to say but good money is accumulated in it. 40-50 lakhs to one crore rupees come every month in the societies of Noida. In such a situation, the builder keeps an eye on it. Makes arrangements for maintenance. 60-70 or more guards are deployed. There is a separate team for gardening. There are also deployments for sweepers, electricians and other jobs. One of the tasks in this is that of lift maintenance. Talking about the rules, the lift, fire extinguishing equipment and DG should be serviced from time to time. The company whose lift you get installed also takes the responsibility of maintenance but there is a screw here.

Similar is the condition of Society R City Regency Park of Gaur City-2. Almost every tower has only one lift, while 15-16 storey high buildings are crowded. One or the other lift remains defective every day. Don’t know which people are called for maintenance and get it fixed, that within 2-4 days the situation worsens again. Every day someone or the other gets stuck in the lift. It is more troublesome for children. Residents get upset and complain again and again, but maintenance believes in working at the same bullock cart speed.

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Ravindra Kumar, Resident, R City Regency Park, Gaur City

Understand the game of lift maintenance
According to the office bearer of AOA formed in a society of Greater Noida West, then the AOA formed before him had done a big scam in lift maintenance. It so happened that the lift belongs to Johnson and the maintenance work was given to another company. Now-a-days you must have seen that in 499 AC gas refillers come. Some similar cheap arrangements were also made in the lift. The effect of this was that the sound started coming in the lift. Soon aftershocks also started. Later, the new AOA claimed that it had put everything right. The new AOA official told that Johnson’s engineers have told that Chinese things were installed in it, due to which the lift started deteriorating. This mess does not happen only in the lift, the guards are 60 on paper and 5 less on the ground. It is also alleged that the people of AOA also get commission from the guard agency. The information about when the lift servicing was done should be pasted, but to hide its rigging, everything has been closed in the societies of NCR.

If you see in 24 hours, 1-2 lifts in a 30 storey building remain faulty. Balancing is also not in level that means some problem. The sound also comes. AOA and builder should work out a solution together. If you talk to AOA, they say that the previous one spoiled all the stuff. Not a blame game, the public needs a solution, otherwise incidents can happen anywhere.

Arvind Kumar, Panchsheel Greens, Greater Noida West

By the way, even 30 storey building is common in NCR now. For people living on 26-27th or above, lift is the only support. They cannot get down the ladder everyday even if they want to. It is not even possible to think that they are elderly. In such a situation, the lift is at the top in terms of priority in the society, but in the wake of earning for the builder and the AOA, the whole system is destroyed. Nowadays lift gate has automatic opening system but it is not used in order to save money.
lift is a daily hassle
In the last 24 hours, lifts got stuck in two more societies of the extension. The lift got stuck between two floors in Panchsheel Greens One. People were evacuated after a lot of effort. Similarly, in a nearby society, children got stuck in the lift. The sad part is that the residents are unable to do anything. They vent their anger in WhatsApp groups, raise slogans, but people who have come to the city to earn away from home are trapped in the clutches of EMI in such a way that they get a job or get the system corrected. Builders and AOA take advantage of this. The condition is that when the lift breaks down, the number of maintenance does not arise. Anyway, the phone is hardly accessible from inside the lift. The alarm rings near the guard but he too seems to be more busy playing politics with the guards of the nearby tower or watching videos on his mobile. The authority and the police also just talk from afar. Don’t talk about the leaders.

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know the rules
The lift of Tower 24 in Paras Tierra Society was broken. Yesterday, when the AOA President was surrounded by people, the police came to save him. Local residents told on camera that the lifts of many towers 24, 25, 27 are out of order. Anything can happen at any time. Earlier there used to be an AMC, then it is pasted there that who is the lift service engineer, when was the servicing done earlier, but now nothing happens. There is no information.

From this point of view, there is a danger bell for the people living in the societies of not only Noida, Delhi but also of the entire NCR. Do your best to get the lift fixed. Be it AOA or builder, what is the use of living in a tower without lift. It is necessary to stop the money game. If people are giving maintenance, then why is the system not 100 percent chalk-chow? The authority will also have to think in this direction, otherwise a big accident can happen sometime.

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