Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Opinion: Don’t be late.. Tibet’s mistake can be huge, what should India do to save Taiwan from China?


  • India will have to help Taiwan for security from China
  • India may join under the leadership of America and Japan
  • If China occupied Taiwan then pressure on India will increase

(Brahma Chelani)
After capturing Hong Kong, redrawing the geopolitical map of the South China Sea, and encroaching on the India-Bhutan border, expansionist China is now eyeing Taiwan. Taiwan is a major center for the international semiconductor business. Taiwan also plays an indirect role in India’s defense as its autonomous existence is linked to a large part of China’s armed forces. China claims that Taiwan has always been a part of it. This claim is dubious and based on revisionist history.

Looking at the history of Taiwan, it was the home of the Malayo-Polynesian tribe and it had no relations with China. In the 17th century, the Dutch colonial rulers of the island did not invite Chinese workers to emigrate. In this sense, Taiwan has more relations with the Philippines than with China. The world does not want to see Taiwan become like an autonomous Tibet.
The chill of the Cold War haunting Xi Jinping! He also pleaded with America in gestures and also threatened
India should help Taiwan by learning from Tibet’s mistake
Tensions are rising between the US and China over Taiwan. But it is true that Taiwan needs help against China. In such a situation, India, whose tensions with China started in 2020, can become a helpful partner for Taiwan. Amidst the military standoff with China, India needs to think and act constructively, including helping Taiwan by learning from its historical mistake on Tibet.

Taiwan’s security and self-government situation needs cooperation
When China invaded Tibet in 1950 before being captured by the dragon, India opposed Tibet’s petition for a UN discussion. Not only this, India withdrew its troops from Tibet and handed over the postal, telegraph and telephone services of Tibet to China which were operating then. If Taiwan is to be prevented from becoming a second Tibet, then India will have to play a big role in strengthening Taiwan and cooperate in its security and self-government position.
What India needs to do to keep China away from Taiwan
China is paying bribe to destroy Taiwan’s international identity
India will have to join the leadership of Japan and the US to strengthen ties with Taipei. India should allow Taiwan to rename its ‘Taipei Economic and Cultural Center’ in New Delhi as ‘Representative Office of Taiwan’. China has been working to erode the island’s international identity by “bribing” countries to break diplomatic ties with Taipei in a bid to annex Taiwan.

If China is successful then the pressure on India’s security will increase.
Taiwan is on the front line of international defense against Xi’s authoritarianism and expansionism, which has led to the Muslim Gulag in Xinjiang, brutal repression in Tibet and the Himalayan invasion. Major democracies must take concrete steps before it is too late to save Taiwan. If China succeeds in re-colonizing Taiwan, there will be more pressure on India’s security.

(The author is an expert in strategic affairs)


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