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Onion price reduced by 9% in this state, attitude softened after Centre’s move, average price across the country ₹ 50 per kg

Photo:REUTERS Onions are being sold at Rs 70-80 per kg in the retail market for the past few days.

Onion has made everyone cry for the last one week. But the central government has meanwhile said that after fixing the minimum price for onion export, onion prices in Maharashtra have decreased by five to nine percent as compared to last week. Let us tell you, the highest production of onion in India is in Maharashtra. In view of the huge surge in onion prices, the Center on Saturday had announced to fix the Minimum Export Price (MEP) of $ 800 per tonne on onion exports till December 31 to increase the availability of onions in the domestic market.

Immediate effect of government’s action

According to the news, the Center said on Monday that the effect of the government’s step has been seen immediately. The weighted average price of onion has declined by 4.5 percent across all markets in Maharashtra and a similar decline has been seen in consumption centres. According to a statement issued by the government, the Department of Consumer Affairs is monitoring exports and prices of onion every day to ensure stable domestic prices and availability to consumers, Bhasha news reported.

Average price of onion in Delhi Rs 78 per kg
Onion prices remained high in the national capital on Monday. The average price of onion in the retail market (onion average price in Delhi) was Rs 78 per kg. This information was given in government figures. However, according to data compiled by the Department of Consumer Affairs, the all-India average price of onion on Monday was Rs 50.35 per kg while the maximum rate was Rs 83 per kg and the model price was Rs 60 per kg. The minimum rate was Rs 17 per kg. Local vendors are selling onions at Rs 80 per kg, while on e-commerce platforms ‘BigBasket’ and ‘Otipi’ onion is available at Rs 75 per kg.

Announcement to purchase additional two lakh tonnes of onion for buffer stock
The Center has announced to purchase additional two lakh tonnes of onion for buffer stock. This will be in addition to the five lakh tonnes already purchased. Onion from the buffer stock has been continuously disposed of in major consumption centers across the country since the second week of August. Supply has also been made to retail consumers at the rate of Rs 25 per kg from mobile vans operated by NCCF and NAFED. Last week, a senior official of the ministry had said that due to weather related reasons, there was a delay in sowing of Kharif onion due to which the area under its cultivation reduced and the crop arrived late. The new arrival of Kharif onion should have started by now, but this has not happened.

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