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One marriage like this only! Brother was supposed to be the bridegroom but the younger brother took the bride with him, this marriage of Pilibhit in discussion

Report- Syed Qaim Raza

Pilibhit. This strange case is of the village of Bilsanda police station area, where on the evening of February 1, the procession was to go to Bareilly Fatehganj West. All the preparations were done from the groom’s side. Uncle, aunt, uncle, all had agreed to go to the procession. The wait was just for the groom Raja who had gone for make-up. But the matter grew in such a way that while waiting for the groom, the people of the bride’s side created a ruckus. After all, the concern of the family is that the wedding procession brought the bride home but the groom they were waiting for is still missing.

In fact, the groom had gone after asking his father to get him a facial. Everyone was busy in their own work. As soon as the afternoon started to pass regarding the customs related to marriage, the relatives called the boy but the phone number was switched off. When the evening started, everyone started getting worried. The groom’s phone was still switched off and the family’s worry was increasing.

When the girls reached the police station

The groom’s phone was switched off, the family was worried and word slowly spread in the village that the groom had eloped. As soon as the matter reached the bride’s house, the matter reached the police station. The girls started putting pressure on the boys regarding marriage. Amidst the hue and cry, when the groom did not come even till 9 o’clock in the night, the police made a compromise between the two parties and agreed to marry the groom’s younger brother. Around 9.30 pm, the boy’s younger brother became the groom and went to Bareilly with the procession.

The younger brother of the missing boy got married to his future sister-in-law but the family’s troubles did not subside. In fact, the boy who came out of the house to get make-up did not reach home even after 24 hours, nor did he contact the family members, so the concern of the family members is increasing and they have requested the police for help.

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