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On the orders of the High Court, the administration removed illegal encroachment in village Khedi Lamba – Presswire18

Kalayat, 29 November (Nis)

On the instructions of the High Court, the illegal occupation of the street by the administration in village Khedi Lamba was removed with the help of JCB. On Wednesday, the street was freed from encroachment by Panchayat and Revenue Department officials in the presence of heavy police force under the leadership of Duty Magistrate Tehsildar Dinesh Kumar. The wall and illegal structures in front of about a dozen houses in the street were demolished with the help of JCB.

During the removal of encroachment action, some villagers protested claiming that the land in the street was complete, but they were pacified by the policemen present on the spot.

BDPO Kanchan Lata said that in village Khedi Lamba, some people had illegally encroached upon the land on the street in front of the school by building several feet of wall and houses. The street was also marked several times by the Revenue Department. On the instructions of the High Court, illegal encroachment on the street land has been removed.

Earlier in the month of August also, the administration had appealed to the encroachers to remove illegal encroachment from the street. Even after 3 months, if the illegal encroachment was not removed by them, then encroachment action was taken on Wednesday.

The local villager had appealed to remove the encroachment from the street in 2013.

Sarpanch Sonu Ram said that in the year 2013, local villager Bhim Singh had complained in different courts about illegal occupation of the street land by some people. In the year 2016, instructions were given by the court to remove encroachment from the street. Now after about 10 years, on the instructions of the High Court, the administration has taken action to remove the encroachment.

Revenue department accused of wrong marking

The villagers protesting against the eviction action accused the Revenue Department officials of wrong marking and said that according to the Revenue Department records, the width of the street is 22 feet and on the spot too, the width of the street is 22 feet. Then where is the illegal occupation of the street land by them? He termed the marking done by the Revenue Department officials as wrong.

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