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Old Sweater Reuse: Instead of throwing out old sweaters, use them like this

When the weather changes, we use clothes accordingly. We all wear sweaters during cold days. But every year we throw out some old sweaters. These sweaters either do not fit us or we do not feel like wearing them. It is possible that this year also you may have bought some similar sweaters. But instead of throwing them out, you can use them in many other ways. Know in this article-

Make a stylish tote bag

If your sweater has become old then you can make a stylish tote bag with its help. For this, you have to cut your sweater in the size of the tote bag and then stitch it. Use the sleeves of your sweater for the handle of the bag. If you want to make this tote bag even more stylish, then patch work or buttons etc. can be used in it.

make vase cover

You can also make a vase cover with the help of old sweaters. This makes the vase kept in your house look even more beautiful. Simply cover all around the vase with the sweater. Then you secure it with twine or ribbon. You plant beautiful flowers in it and enhance the beauty of your room.

make a headband

If you have old sweaters, you can make many different beautiful headbands with their help. For this, all you have to do is cut strips from the sweater. Then you prepare a headband from it. To make it more stylish, use buttons or bows etc.

make leg warmers

We use leg warmers to protect our feet from cold during winter. But if you have old sweaters, you can make leg warmers by cutting their sleeves and use them.

prepare pillow covers

An old sweater can also completely replace the pillow on your bed. For this, cut the sweater in the pattern according to the size of the pillow and then sew them. In this way you can make many types of mix and match pillow covers.

– Mithali Jain

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