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Old fashioned talk of low returns with safety, now safety and bumper profit together, happy with this painful step of RBI!


FD is considered a very attractive investment option in India.
However, many times people did not put money due to its low returns.
But according to a survey, now a large number of people are investing in FDs.

New Delhi. Every investor wants his money to be safe and grow fast. However, if a scheme promises to grow money fast, then there is no guarantee of safety and where there is safety, the returns are not much. In such a situation, a big problem arises for the investors who play safe. However, now it seems that this thing has become a thing of the past. Ever since the RBI started increasing the repo rate, the whole game has turned upside down.

After the increase in the repo rate, banks and other financial institutions have increased the interest rates. Due to this, there has been a burden on the pockets of the people, but this increase is not one-sided. Interest has also increased on investment, which people are getting benefited from. A survey by an investment platform named Kuvera has revealed that bank FDs have become a very attractive investment option due to the increase in interest rates. 44 percent of the people who took part in the survey said that they have resorted to FD to raise funds with security within 3 years.

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Preferred Option for Emergency Fund
Another 23 per cent said they chose FDs to beat inflation as well as invest their emergency funds safely. 16 lakh people took part in this survey of Kuvera. Company’s co-founder Gaurav Rastogi says that FD is a very preferred investment option in Indian homes. He said that FD is such a simple and safe investment option that it attracts investors. This is a great way to keep an emergency fund safe.

what is the best time to invest
Rastogi says that RBI is continuously increasing the repo rate, so this is the right time to invest in FD. He said that the top of investment in FD is yet to come. According to Rastogi, this is a very safe investment option in fixed term. However, many experts believe that now RBI will slow down the pace of increase in the repo rate. If this happens, further increase in FD rate will also stop, so before taking any investment related decision, you should take expert advice.

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