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Offer these 3 things to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami

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janmashtami bhog recipe

Kanha’s bhog has been of special importance on Janmashtami. Many stories tell that Kanha liked different dishes since childhood and today people offer food to Lord Krishna with these dishes. These prasad and bhog are traditional dishes that have stories associated with Kanha. Although there are 56 bhogs that are famous, but you can also offer these things to your Kanha. Know 3 such bhog recipes.

What to eat on Janmashtami – Kishna janmashtami bhog

1. Makhana Paag

On Janmashtami, people make Makhana Paag in every house. To make this, you have to roast the Makhana. You can also use a little ghee or butter to roast it. Now you have to make sugar syrup on the other side and then put the makhana in it. As soon as the makhana starts getting cooked in sugar syrup, take it out and keep it in a plate.

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2. Sweet Potato Pudding

To make this pudding, boil the sweet potato and then peel it and mash it. After this, put some ghee in a pan and add mashed sweet potatoes to it. Mix milk, saffron and some nuts and cook on top. When it is cooked well, add 3 spoons of ghee and add cardamom powder and cook it. Your pudding is ready.

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3. Panchamrit Recipe

To make Panchamrit, all you have to do is to mix milk, curd, sugar, honey and ghee. Add a banana and a little cheese to it and mix it well. Mix it in such a way that everything is not visible separately from above. So, your panchamrit is ready. First of all, on this day God is bathed with it and then included in the enjoyment.

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