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Offer for hearty lovers on Valentine’s Day, cockroach named Palo Ex, then feed the animals!

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas: Emotions like love, love and affection only make the heart of those people who are feeling it. These things are good only for those, whose relationship is going well or whose proposal on Valentine’s Day has been accepted. For those whose hearts have just been broken, this day brings different sorrows. In such a situation, an offer is being presented to them, which will give them peace of mind.

We are not talking about any meditation to give peace to the heart, this idea is of a different level. The San Antonio Zoo has come up with a special offer for heart lovers. These people may not be able to harm their ex like this, but they can definitely buy a cockroach in his name and make him a morsel of animals. This will give you a chance to vent your anger.

pet a cockroach named x
According to the Daily Star report, the San Antonio Zoo is giving people the opportunity to name one of the cockroaches present here after their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend (Name a cockroach after your ex). This thing is 100 percent true. You will have to spend only Rs.800 to take revenge from your ex who is not able to get out of your heart. After giving money, people can give the name of their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend to a cockroach in the zoo. Instead, they will get a Valentine’s Day card with all the details written on it.

People can give the name of their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend to a cockroach in the zoo. (Credit-Shutterstock)

There are more exciting offers
For those who are vegetarian, there is also an option for them to name a vegetable after their ex, for which they will have to pay Rs 400. If you want to give more donation to the zoo, then you give 2000 rupees here and name a mouse after your ex-partner. If someone wants, he can also be sent a customized video message, in which his cockroach, vegetable or mouse will be being fed to some other animal. They can send this video to their ex.

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