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Nusrat Jahan’s husband accused Nikhil – took my jewellery, money everything, these 7 big things

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Bengali actress and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan has broken ties with husband Nikhil Jain. Regarding this, he has issued a long statement in which he has disclosed many things about Nikhil and his relationship. The fans of the actress are shocked after this news came to the fore.

Nusrat said that their marriage took place on foreign soil and according to Turkey’s marriage regulation, their marriage is not valid. The actress says that they had an interfaith marriage and required validation under the Special Marriage Act which was not fulfilled. As per the law, it is not a marriage but a live-in relationship.

Complete statement in 7 points
There are 7 points in the statement issued by Nusrat Jahan. Here we are telling you their points one by one in a sequential manner:-

1. While living on foreign soil and according to Turkish Marriage Regulations, marriage is not valid. It was an interfaith marriage and it required validation under the Special Marriage Act which was not fulfilled. As per the law, it is not a marriage but a live-in relationship. So the question of divorce does not arise. Our separation happened a long time ago but I didn’t talk about it because I wanted to keep my private life to myself. In this way the media or anyone should not question my actions on the basis of ‘alienation’. This alleged marriage is not legal and valid. It is not a marriage at all in the eyes of the law.

2. Wherever I go for business or holidays, it should not be associated with the one from which I am separated. I always used to bear all the expenses, even if ‘someone’ claimed something else.

3. I am taking care of my sister’s education and family from day one myself and looking after her expenses as they are my responsibility. I do not need to use or hold any credit card with whom I no longer have a relationship.

4. One who claims to be ‘rich’ and says ‘I have used her’ (Nushrat has used Nikhil), he used to wrongly take money from my bank accounts even after separation and illegally use them at night. Used to use I have already spoken to the bank authority regarding this and will file a police complaint soon. Earlier too, I shared the details of family accounts with him at his behest. I or any of my family members were not aware that instructions were being given through our bank accounts. He manipulated my money from different accounts without my consent. I am still fighting with the bank over this and will present proof if needed.

5. Not only this, things like my clothes, bags and accessories are also with him. I am sad that he has also kept all the ornaments of my family which my parents and friends gave me. This also includes my own earnings.

6. Being ‘rich’ doesn’t always give the man the right to present himself as a victim and leave the woman alone in this society. I have made my mark through my own hard work, so I will not allow anyone to share limelight or followers on the basis of my identity.

7. I never speak about my personal life or those who are related to me. In such a situation, people who are calling themselves ‘Normal Humans’, do not entertain anything that is not related to them. I would appeal to the media to refrain from questioning the wrong person. Those who are claiming to be ‘ordinary’, it is not right to malign my image with a one sided story. I would request friends that there is no need to give mileage to such people without meaning.

There were reports of differences for many days

For some time, news of rift between Nusrat and Nikhil was coming to the fore. Nikhil said that Nusrat is not with him for 6 months. On the other hand, when news of Nusrat’s pregnancy came to light, Nikhil said that he was not aware of it. Even if Nusrat is pregnant, then the child is not hers.

Now the discussion of the affair with the BJP leader
Let us tell you, Nusrat was married to businessman Nikhil Jain in 2019. The actress shared her wedding pictures on social media which became quite viral. Now there is a discussion that Nusrat is very close to popular actor and BJP leader Yashdas Gupta. Both had also gone on a trip to Rajasthan in December last year.


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