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Number of domestic air passengers may increase by 10% this year compared to pre-covid level, travel companies made record profit in Q3


Compared to 2019, the number of air passengers may increase by 10 percent.
The number of air passengers may reach 15.5-16 crores in the calendar year 2023.
It will take a long time for international travel to reach pre-Covid levels

New Delhi. Due to the Corona epidemic, the sluggishness in the Indian aviation sector is now going away. This sector has shown signs of recovery. In fact, domestic air travel has increased so much in January that the number of passengers within the country may increase by 10 percent this year as compared to 2019. In that pre-Covid calendar year, maximum 14.4 crore people traveled by air in the country.

Speaking to TOI, a top aviation official said on Sunday that the current trend in our domestic aviation is very exciting and if it continues, the number of passengers should reach 155-160 million in calendar year 2023. There may be an increase of 10% in this.

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12.3 crore domestic passengers traveled in calendar year 2022
Data from aviation regulator DGCA shows that in the calendar year 2022, 12.3 crore domestic passengers traveled. 8.4 crores in 2021 and 6.3 crores in 2020 (which also had 2 months suspension in scheduled air travel due to covid). The official said that air travel has been stable in January. This week also we have seen a very good number of passengers.

It will take a long time for international travel to reach pre-Covid levels
Although international travel is also increasing but there is still a long way to go to reach the pre-covid level. Data from the Airport Authority of India (AAI) shows that 4.1 crore people flew in and out of India in April-December 2022. 193 percent more than about 1.4 crore in the same period of 2021. The number of international travelers was recorded at 52 million in April-December 2019, which was more than 1.1 percent as compared to 51 million travelers in the same period last year.

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These are the obstacles in international air travel not growing rapidly
An airline official said that international air travel has still not returned to pre-covid levels due to several reasons. These factors include long routes being taken by many airlines, high oil prices and a weak rupee due to the Ukraine-Russia war. Then the issues of visa delays still plague some countries.

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