Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

NTPC’s reply on Kejriwal’s statement regarding ITO Yamuna bridge barrage

Image Source: PTI
ITO Yamuna Bridge

New Delhi: The floods in Delhi after many years exposed the country’s capital. The Delhi which boasted that it is one of the most developed cities of the country was actually wrong. This time it rained heavily for 3 days and when the water level of Yamuna increased, it came to know that Delhi is under water. Many areas of the capital got submerged. Army and NDRF personnel have been deployed on the front for relief and rescue. Navy’s help was also taken. During this, the administrators of Delhi fiercely accused each other.

NTPC is responsible for the maintenance of this bridge- CM

In this sequence, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said about the gates of Yamuna river barrage built on ITO that NTPC is responsible for the maintenance of this bridge. Delhi government does not give money for this, NTPC is fully responsible for this. he/she said that NTPC also comes under the Central Government. That’s why only NTPC can tell the truth about this. The Delhi government has no role in the maintenance of the Yamuna bridge.

NTPC denied the allegations

Now a statement has also come from NTPC on this. In a tweet, NTPC has said that it has nothing to do with the maintenance of ITO Bridge in Delhi. The allegations leveled against him/her are wrong.

Let us inform that there are a total of 32 gates in this barrage, out of which 27 are open and five gates have been closed for many years. Many difficulties are being faced to open this closed gate. The Navy and the team of engineers are working hard to open them.

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