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Now what is the work of guest teachers? The sword is hanging on the job, know the whole matter

Darbhanga: What will happen to guest teachers in Bihar? Will their jobs be saved or lost? Till now no official decision has been taken regarding these. When there was a shortage of teachers in the state, they were appointed on a large scale. Now the sword of danger is hanging over the jobs of guest teachers. After the joining of teachers selected from Bihar Public Service Commission, there is a possibility of removal of a large number of posted guest teachers. However, till now no decision has been taken regarding these at the government level. It is estimated that now the government will relieve them from service.

Guest teachers will be removed in Bihar!

By the way, in some districts the Education Department was told that after the joining of new teachers, those teachers who were serving as guest teachers will be removed. When there was a shortage of teachers in schools, the government appointed guest teachers. Their number is said to be more than 4000 in the entire state.

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Decision regarding guest teachers very soon

Most of the guest teachers are posted in secondary and higher secondary schools. The application process for reinstatement from BPSC started only after the appointment of guest teachers. Now new teachers have been selected. In such a situation, the education department is no longer feeling the need for them. In such a situation, a decision regarding these will also come soon.

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Trouble caused by joining of new teachers

The school allotment process of teachers selected from Bihar Public Service Commission is in the final stage. In such a situation, there is certain danger to the jobs of guest teachers already posted in schools. There is a clear order to the District Education Officers that where there are guest teachers, but in those schools, teachers selected from BPSC have also contributed in the same subject, then the guest teachers will be removed.

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