Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Now the real fun of playing games and listening to songs will come, 500 rupees. These Best Earphones are available for less than Rs.


  • These earphones come in less than 500 rupees
  • All get in-built mic
  • All earphones available on Amazon

Vedanta Kumar, New Delhi. Are your old earphones damaged? Can’t you listen to your favorite songs on them? If yes, then it doesn’t matter. We have brought a solution to your problem. Do you know that apart from expensive earphones, there are also many such earphones which can give you very good performance even in low price. In this article, we are giving you information about 5 such earphones which are very economical as well as giving better performance.

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Boult Audio BassBuds Loop In-Ear Wired Earphones: Do you like listening to high bass songs? If yes, then you will love these earphones from Boult. These earphones come with IPX5 technology, due to which your earphones will not get damaged due to water and sweat. Not only this, you are provided with 4 different colors in these earphones which include Black, Blue, Red and Grey. These earphones are available on Amazon for just Rs 349.

Mivi Rock and Roll E5 Wired Earphones with HD Sound and Extra Powerful Bass with in-line Mic: As the name suggests, you are going to enjoy listening to songs after installing these earphones. These Mivi earphones come with L-shape connector. Apart from this, you get 5 different color options in these earphones which include Black, Blue, Red, Pink and Yellow. By going to Amazon, you can buy these earphones for just Rs 379.

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PTron Boom Ultima V2 Dual Driver, In-Ear Gaming Wired Headphones with in-line Mic: If you are fond of gaming, then you are going to love these earphones from PTron. These earphones from PTron come with a very unique design. In these earphones also you get good color options like black, blue, red, black and red-white. These gaming earphones are available on Amazon for just Rs 499.

Realme Buds Classic Wired Earphones with HD Microphone: These earphones of Realme come with a very simple design. These earphones give strong performance as simple as they are. But these earphones come in only 2 colors Black and White. These earphones are available on Amazon for just Rs 399.

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JBL C50HI by Harman in-Ear Headphones with Mic: These C50HI earphones from JBL provide you good quality while delivering great performance. You get 3 color options in these earphones which include Black, Blue, Red. It is available on Amazon for Rs 499.


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