Sunday, February 5th, 2023

Now potable vaccine of Kovid-19 will come in the market, scientists are working fast

New Delhi. These days, scientists are constantly making efforts regarding the corona vaccine. In this episode, scientists are making such a corona vaccine, which can be easily drunk. At present, people have to get injected in the vaccines that are available. But it is believed that this new vaccine will prove to be a game changer. There is no information about how long it will be available in the market.

Researchers are seeking types of vaccines that better protect us not only from serious disease but also from infection. But money and new vaccine technology may come in their way. So imagine if you have to drink corona vaccine instead of rolling your sleeves, how easy it would be. In the coming few years, the potable vaccine will soon be available in the market.

According to a CNET report, researchers are currently focusing on mucosal vaccines, which include nasal or respiratory vaccines. Also included are oral vaccines such as QYNDR “Swish and Swallow”, which has completed its Phase I clinical trials. At present, money is needed for the trial and to launch the vaccine in the market.

The QYNDR vaccine is called “kinder,” says Kyle Flanigan, founder of US Specialty Formulations, the manufacturer of QYNDR, because it’s a gentler way to deliver the vaccine. Scientists have high hopes for clinical trials from New Zealand. However, till now the search is going on regarding its findings. The first corona vaccine to be given through the nose will be launched in the country on Republic Day i.e. 26 January. Bharat Biotech will launch its intranasal Kovid-19 vaccine INCOVACC. Company’s Chairman and Managing Director Krishna Ella gave this information on Saturday.

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