Thursday, February 29th, 2024

Now neither mobile will have to be removed from pocket nor laptop from bag, this big relief will be available soon at the airport

Photo: File airport security check

If you often travel by plane, then you must have faced a problem. You have to take out your mobile and laptop during security checking and keep it in the train. This work is very cumbersome, as well as it also leads to long queues at the counter in express timings. But now soon you are going to get rid of this boring hassle. Now you will not need to remove electronics items like laptop, mobile, charger from hand bag and put them in a separate tray.

Now 3D scanner will be installed

To get you out of this mess, the airport authority is preparing to bring changes in the system. By the end of this year, work is on to install 3D CTX machines at all major airports in the country. This will save you the need to keep gadgets and liquid items in separate trays.

Why do you have to take out the gadgets now?

Under the current system, 2D X-ray machines are installed at airports. Which provide a 2D image of the items inside your bag. For this reason, electronics gadgets or liquid goods have to be taken out in a separate tray. Now the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security has asked such major airports of the country where more than 50 lakh passengers travel every year, to install 3D Computed Tomography X-ray machines by the end of this year for checking cabin bags.

Body scanners will be installed at airports like Delhi Mumbai

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security has said in its order that the airports of the country where the number of passengers is one crore or more, such highly sensitive airports have been directed to start using full body scanners technology by the end of this year. Is. Please tell that these scanners were to be installed in 2020 only. But due to Corona virus it was being postponed again and again. But now the deadline of December 31 has been fixed for this.

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