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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Now how can we say that democracy is in danger… India has excelled in this democracy report, see the full list

New Delhi: Democracy is in danger… For some time now, this voice has been heard from the opposition parties in India. Its echo was also heard in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. Even after the election results, the noise of democracy and constitution being in danger was heard. Amidst this protest, a report has come from the Pew Research Center. The American think tank has conducted a survey in 31 big and powerful countries of the world to find out whether people are happy with the democratic system there or not. India is also included in this survey. The interesting thing is that in the countries that raise questions about India’s democracy, people are far more unhappy.

Just look at this report

In countries like America, Britain, Canada, Germany and Australia, more than half of the population is not happy with their democracy. The powerful country America is called the oldest democracy in the world and according to this survey report, more than half of its population is unhappy with its democratic system. Only 31 percent people are happy with the democratic system there. The situation in Canada is also very bad. Only 52 percent people are happy with democracy there. Half of the population of Mexico is also unhappy.
Let’s come to India
India is on the second position in Asia as well as in the whole world. In this survey report, only one country Singapore is ahead of India. If we look at the population, no one can compete with India. In the world’s largest democracy, 77 percent people have expressed satisfaction with the democratic system. Singapore is at the top of this list where only a little more than India, 80 percent people are happy with the democratic system of their country. 64 percent people in Thailand and 51 percent people in Malaysia are happy with the democratic system of their country.

The number of angry people increased within 3 years
According to this survey, the condition of powerful and developed countries has worsened in the last few years. In the year 2021, 66 percent of the population of Canada was happy with the democratic system, but it has fallen by 14 percent within 3 years. In Britain, during the same period, earlier 60 percent of the population was satisfied, now it has come down to 39 percent. In America, 41 percent of the people were happy with their democratic system, but in 2024 this number came down to 30. This is the post-Corona era where many countries are seen struggling on many issues. On the democratic as well as economic front.

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