Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Not only in India, but also in America, Pakistanis are infiltrating people, a reward of 75 crores on the smuggler

LIC’s Best Plans 2021

LIC’s Best Plans 2021

US arrested Pakistani human trafficker Abid Ali Khan But a reward of 1 million dollars has been announced. Abid Ali runs the biggest racket of illegal infiltrators in America. He arranges travel without any papers in exchange for money to those who wish to go to America. It is being told that he has illegally sent hundreds of people to America in the last several years.

1-1 million bounty on Pakistani smugglers and networks
US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the US has announced a $2 million reward for shutting down the network of human trafficker Abid Ali Khan. Of this, one million is for information, arrest and conviction of Abid Ali Khan. The remaining one million of this amount is for providing information about his human trafficking network.

America said – these smugglers take advantage of people
Ness Pride said organizations like Abid Ali Khan’s Human Trafficking take advantage of vulnerable and needy populations. These people not only take the risk themselves, but also put the trafficked persons in grave danger. Traffickers in the US often infiltrate through dangerous routes in South and Central America. In this, these people also walk on foot for many days.

Was accused of infiltrating aliens in America
A US State Department spokesman said that many people are also victims of robbery and violence while passing through dangerous areas with little food and water. In 2021, the US Justice Department dropped an indictment against Abid Ali Khan. He was then charged with conspiracy to help aliens enter America illegally.

US Treasury Department will give money
According to the press release, this order has been issued by the US Treasury Department to impose sanctions against the smuggler and his smuggling network. It said these awards are offered under the US State Department’s International Organized Crime Rewards Program (TOCRP). Since the program’s launch in 1986, more than 75 international criminals have been put behind bars.


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