Thursday, January 20th, 2022

North Korea Starvation: North Korea is suffering from starvation, Kim Jong-un is teaching how to make manure from his own feces

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  • North Korean officials have asked people to compost their own feces
  • North Korea is battling hunger and food shortage
  • Hunger spread in the interior of North Korea, people do not have food grains

North Korea testing a hypersonic missile is on the verge of starvation. The food grain production of the country has been declining continuously for the last several years due to shortage of fertilizers. For this reason, the North Korean administration has now advised its citizens to make compost from their own excreta. The United Nations has also reported that North Korea could soon be caught in a serious food crisis.

Market opening hours reduced
North Korea is attempting to create an environment of competition among citizens to produce more household compost, Daily NK reports. A source in Yanggang province was quoted as saying that the central committee has ordered that the province’s markets reduce their operating hours by one hour, instead of working from 2:00 pm.

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quota fixed for each family
Markets in North Korea have been ordered to function from 3 a.m. to 5 p.m. so that people can meet their quota of manure. It has been told in the report that every person has been ordered to provide 500 kg of manure to factories and enterprises. Every family in North Korea will have to provide 200 kg of manure per family between December 3 and January 10.

North Koreans craving food, Kim Jong Un will open the border with China
Payment will have to be made for not giving certain quantity of fertilizer
Those who fail to produce such quantity of manure will have to pay per kg. Reports also claim that farmers have been requested to give their urine to companies for mixing in manure. To get this work done, North Korean government officials have divided the family according to the area.

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UN report warns of worsening of situation
UN Special Envoy on Human Rights Tomas Ojea Quintana said in his latest report that ordinary North Korean citizens are struggling day by day to live a life of dignity. He warned that the deteriorating humanitarian situation in North Korea could turn into a serious crisis. Quintana said sanctions should be eased to protect North Korea’s most vulnerable people in the event of a serious food crisis.

Kim Jong Un’s North Korea on the verge of starvation, now UN report raises concern
Appeal to ease sanctions on North Korea
He said that the most vulnerable children and the elderly are at risk of starvation. In such a situation, the sanctions imposed on North Korea by the United Nations Security Council should be reviewed. They should be relaxed when necessary to facilitate both humanitarian and life-saving assistance. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations said North Korea is facing a food shortage of about 860,000 tonnes this year.

Kim Jong Un’s decree, eat less food by 2025, North Koreans
Hunger spread in far flung areas
There have recently been reports of starvation from far flung areas of North Korea. Industry and agriculture in these areas have largely come to a standstill due to lack of fuel and spare parts. Not only this, there are also widespread reports of theft in North Korea. The great thing is that information has also been received about the complicity of policemen in this. Due to this the local citizens are becoming more and more desperate.


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