Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Noor Mukadam Murder in Pakistan: Jumped from window, dragged hair inside, beheaded after raping… When Pakistani Dhankuber’s son became psycho killer

Islamabad: The Noor Muqaddam massacre that shook the whole of Pakistan last year (Crime Against Women in Pakistan) are in discussion once again. The daughter of a Pakistani diplomat was beheaded after being raped by a spoiled son of a rich man mad in one-sided love. After the CCTV footage of the brutality of this psycho killer came to light, the whole of Pakistan was shaken and there were demonstrations for justice across the country. On Thursday, a local court sentenced Zaheer Jafar to death and two of his domestic helpers to 10 years’ imprisonment in the case.

20 July 2021…The house of Zakir Jafar, one of Pakistan’s richest industrialists, in Islamabad. Noor Muqaddam, 27, was held hostage in the same house for two days. The hostage-taker Zaheer Jaffer used to love her one-sidedly. When the marriage proposal was turned down, he took Noor hostage in his own house. Whatever happened after that was hair-raising. The assault and cruelty with the girl was being captured on CCTV.

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Noor Muqaddam also tries unsuccessfully to escape from that house twice. Once she even reaches the gate of that palatial house but two servants of Jafar stationed there stop her. Once she tries to escape by jumping from the first floor window but then Jafar catches her from behind. Grabbing him by the hair, dragging him to the floor, dragging him into a room. Noor Muqaddam keeps pleading for help, begs for mercy but Jafar does not budge. tortures him. Even if he was not satisfied with that, then that poor man scratched Noor’s body. After the rape, Jafar kills Noor Muqaddam by beheading him with a sharp weapon.

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The whole of Pakistan was stunned after the CCTV footage of the vandalism surfaced. People took to the streets demanding justice for Noor Muqaddam. Finally, after almost 7 months, a Pakistani court sentenced Zaheer Jafar to death on Thursday. Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani acquitted Zaheer’s father Zakir Jafar, mother Asmat Adamji and his personal cook but sentenced two of his domestic helpers – Iftikhar and Jameel – to 10 years each. On the complaint of Noor Muqaddam’s father, former diplomat Shaukat, the police had launched a trial against Zaheer Jafar and arrested him on charges of premeditated murder.


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