Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Nifty @ 50,000: Nifty may touch 50,000 by 2030, likely to touch 21400 in 2023

Nifty @ 50000: In 2023, the Nifty of the National Stock Exchange can touch the figure of 21,400. This is to say of the brokerage house ICICI Direct. The brokerage house has also predicted that by 2030 the Nifty could touch the figure of 50,000. ICICI Direct believes that 16,200 is a strong support level for the Nifty.

According to the report of the brokerage house, the Indian stock market may continue to grow rapidly. Let us tell you that when the Corona epidemic hit the country and after that the lockdown was imposed, then in March 2020 the Nifty had rolled down to the figure of 7511. After which Nifty touched the highest level of 18,887 in the month of December itself. That is, there has been a jump of 11,376 points or 151.45 percent in Nifty from the lower level.

The Sensex had rolled down to a figure of 25,638 in March 2020. But from this level, there has been a jump of 37,945 points in the Sensex and the Sensex has touched a record high of 63,583. That is, there has been a jump of 148 percent in the Sensex from the lower level.

Earlier, foreign brokerage house Morgan Stanley also said that the BSE Sensex could touch the figure of 80,000 by December 2023. Morgan Stanley has said that if India is included in the Global Bond Indices, then in the next 12 months, close to $ 20 billion can be invested in the country.

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According to Morgan Stanley, if commodity prices such as oil and fertilizer prices come down and earnings growth is seen at the rate of 25 per cent annually by 2022-25, then the Sensex can touch the figure of 80,000. According to Morgan Stanley, the base case target of the Sensex is 68,500. But there was a jump in commodity prices and RBI increased interest rates rapidly, due to recession in America Europe, India’s development was affected, then the Sensex could fall to 52,000. But its probability is only 20 percent.

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