Monday, March 27th, 2023

News for the honeymoon couple! Scooty will no longer be available on rent in Bali, you will have to roam the whole city on foot

Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia, where thousands and millions of tourists are seen throughout the year. This place is the most famous among honeymoon couples, and why not Indonesia comes in the cheapest countries in terms of traveling abroad. There is one wonderful place here, for which even 5 to 6 days fall short.
But perhaps now it can be a bit disturbing for couples to roam here. Let us tell you, the government is now discontinuing the facility of motorbikes available on rent. Now you will not be able to roam around with a bike in Bali. This is being done under the new rules.

Traffic rules were being violated

Earlier tourists used to roam around this island by taking a bike on rent. But now this will not happen, because changes have been made in the traffic rules here and according to the new rules, a ban has been imposed on taking bikes on rent. The reason behind this is the foreign tourists coming here, who were continuously violating the traffic rules. According to this new rule, the government is banning such behavior of tourists. (All photo credits:

​Tourists will now roam in Bali with a rented bike

​Tourists will now roam in Bali with a rented bike

Tourists can now move around in Bali with a rented car instead of a rented bike. The governor here says that you come here and behave like a tourist. Here tourists can now travel from here to there on vehicles prepared by travel agents. Earlier, a large number of foreign tourists in Bali were breaking traffic rules without wearing helmets and shirts.

170 foreigners broke the rules between February and March


Here 170 foreign nationals have broken traffic rules between February and March. In Bali, foreign tourists used to ride bike after drinking, used to ride bike in speed and due to many such cases including driving with fake license, this rule was made. Bali’s economy depends on tourists. Tourists from all over the world come here to visit and celebrate holidays.

Bali is the most beautiful island

Bali is the most beautiful island

Bali comes in the most beautiful islands of Asia. Honeymoon couples add this place to their traveling list first in terms of cheap Maldives later. This island, built between the blue sea and golden sand, mesmerizes the tourists. Like Maldives, water activities are quite famous here too.

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