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Never make this mistake with WiFi router, even expensive plan will not be able to provide high speed connectivity – Presswire18 English

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Many times, due to our mistakes, the speed of Wi-Fi connection decreases.

Wi-Fi router tips and Tricks: If you want high speed internet data connectivity, then instead of using mobile data, you should take Wi-Fi i.e. broadband connection at home. WiFi connection has many benefits. It provides unlimited data as well as high speed connectivity. However, sometimes even after taking a Wi-Fi connection, the data speed becomes very slow. There could be some big reasons behind this.

If you have taken a broadband connection at home and you are not getting the speed, then there could be many reasons for this. Many times people start thinking that because the plan is cheap, they are not getting speed but it is not so. Many times, due to our mistakes, we do not get speed despite Wi-Fi being connected. If you are wondering how this happens, then tell us that many times we take the connection but do not place the router properly due to which the speed becomes slow.

  1. If you want to get good speed from your broadband connection, then you should also pay attention to the installation of the router. Let us tell you some places where you should not keep your Wi-Fi router at all.
  2. If your house is made of multi-storey, then while installing the router, you have to keep in mind that it should not be installed on the ground floor. By installing it on the middle floor, you will get good connectivity in the entire building.
  3. It has been seen many times that people keep the Wi-Fi router on a stool or table, this also reduces the speed. If possible, hang the router on the wall instead of keeping it. Staying at altitude will give you better connectivity.
  4. Often people keep the router in the corner of the room. Never keep the router in such a place that it is surrounded by walls on two-three sides. Due to being in a closed place, signals do not reach properly and the data speed starts decreasing. Due to the corner location, WiFi coverage gets poor.
  5. If you have been running the router continuously for several days, then the speed also reduces many times. You must switch off the router once in two to three days. This will also help you in increasing your speed.
  6. Many times, due to wrong position of the antenna of the router, the signal does not get proper coverage. If you are not getting the speed properly then try changing the position of the antenna once. You will understand the difference from this also.

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