Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

Netflix users will be detected for free, heavy charges will be imposed

New Delhi. Netflix recently introduced ad-supported subscription plans in some markets. Simultaneously, password sharing has been in the news for some time now. Netflix has been trying for a long time to bring something that can eliminate password sharing. Former Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made it clear that the password sharing option will be gradually phased out in the coming times.

Now Co-Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Greg Peters and Ted Sarandos have told Bloomberg in an interview that password sharing will soon be enabled for all users. This means that Indians who were till now taking advantage of Netflix with the help of their friends’ accounts, will soon have to pay to use it.

Will not be able to use Netflix for free
According to the report, Peters has said that most users who do not pay for Netflix but use the platform will have to pay to watch content. However, Peters has said that the platform will not make any changes to the consumer experience. Some users may not be happy after the password sharing is stopped, but the company aims to increase its subscriber base by focusing on countries like India.

Netflix stopped password sharing in many countries
Netflix has started charging people in some Latin American countries $3 (roughly Rs. 250) to watch content with their friends’ passwords. Right now the company has not told that how much will be charged per user in India? According to the latest reports, Netflix will start discontinuing password sharing from the beginning of March 2023 in many other countries including India.

How to find out who is using the account for free?
Netflix had earlier revealed that the new password sharing rules would be based on IP address, device ID and account activity. In this way the company will trace those users and charge those users.

The video streaming platform is looking to increase its subscriber base. Stopping password sharing is one such initiative. Netflix offers 4 plans in India – Rs 149, Rs 199, Rs 499, and Rs 649

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