Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

Netflix is ​​expensive to watch? The company is about to take this big decision regarding the plan

New Delhi. Netflix has now become such an OTT platform, which needs no introduction. Netflix is ​​now found in the mobile phones of most Indians. You can also download it easily. But the company is also constantly considering changing the plan. Actually, this Netflix has not taken a sudden decision. There is a big reason behind taking such a decision.

In fact, Netflix lost one million subscribers in the second quarter of 2022. The company is constantly trying to find out the decreasing users. Media reports have claimed that the main reason behind the decrease in Netflix Subscribers is also the more expensive subscription plans. In such a situation, Netflix is ​​comparing its plans with other companies. Now Netflix is ​​going to come up with a new plan.

Netflix 149 Plan-

According to media reports, Netflix is ​​going to launch a new plan of 149. The price of this plan is definitely going to come down, but the facilities available with it will also be reduced significantly. Like you will not be able to watch anything offline in it. For this you need to be online. Also, its biggest drawback will be that here you will have to see advertisements again and again. Whereas this does not happen in the plans that are currently in place.

Netflix currently offers a plan of Rs 199 for one month. You have to register online to buy it. Let me tell you in advance that this is the lowest plan. That is, at least you have to take the same plan. Actually the company is doing this to increase its subscribers. The company’s profits have also come down significantly due to the falling subscribers, due to which many employees have also been shown the way out.

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