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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

NEET Scam: Connection found with Rajasthan, deal was done with a student of AIIMS Jodhpur, Bihar Police revealed

NEET Paper Leak Latest News: In Bihar Well The strings of the scam are being linked to Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Muzaffarpur police from Bihar will now go to Jodhpur in the NEET exam case. A private school located in Malighat of Mithanpura police station area in Muzaffarpur had a NEET center. Two students had absconded from here during the NEET Exam 2024, one of whom is scholar Hukma Ram (who appeared in the exam in place of the candidate) and the other is NEET 2024 candidate Raj Pandey himself.

Two separate teams of Muzaffarpur police will go to AIIMS Jodhpur and Patna and raid the hideouts of both the accused. City SP Awadhesh Saroj Dixit has given this information. City SP said that if they are found absconding, then their name and address will be verified and their arrest warrant will be issued from the court.

The district police team has written a letter to the Jodhpur AIIMS management and given full information about Hukma Ram. Hukma Ram (NEET) is a scholar of Jodhpur AIIMS. There is a clue against him/her that he/she appeared in the NEET exam in place of someone else. Now a team of Jodhpur and Patna Muzaffarpur Police is being sent to arrest Hukma Ram and candidate Raj Pandey.

A student of AIIMS Jodhpur became a ‘scholar’

After the FIR was registered, the City SP went to the school the next day and investigated. After the investigation, he/she told that the fake candidate Hukma Ram is a third semester student in Jodhpur AIIMS. he/she is a scholar. he/she had made a deal to sit in the NEET exam in place of the real candidate Raj Pandey for about Rs 4 lakh.

It was told that biometric verification of all the candidates was done at the center. During this, the verification of Hukma Ram (fake candidate) did not match, due to which he/she was caught. The City SP had told that on the night of NEET Exam 2024, at 8.30 pm, the police received information that a fake candidate has been caught in DAV School of Malighat. Police reached on the information, by then he/she had absconded.

NEET Scam: School principal also under suspicion

The role of the principal of the examination centre i.e. school, Bharti Nayak, is suspicious. After getting suspicious, the principal left the scholar there instead of handing him/her over to the police.

A magistrate from the district administration was also deployed in the school during the examination. But, the school management did not inform him/her about the fake candidate being caught. Neither did the school administration give a written complaint to the police station. Therefore, an FIR was registered on the statement of the police. The role of school principal Bharti Nayak is also being investigated. Legal action will be taken against whoever is found guilty.

The case dates back to May 5 when an FIR was lodged on the statement of Mithanpura police station’s sub-inspector Ramkrishna Paramhans in the incident of a scholar escaping from a private school centre in Malighat during the NEET exam. In this, Jodhpur AIIMS scholar Hukma Ram and examinee Raj Pandey were made named accused.

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