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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Navy’s model or peer review for promotion in Indian Army! Opinion sought from all Army commands

New Delhi : The Indian Army is considering making changes in the promotion system of its officers. There is a discussion going on whether the opinion of junior or fellow officers can also be included in the ACR (Annual Confidential Report) of an officer. ACR is an important factor for the promotion of any officer. The Indian Navy has changed the appraisal system of its officers only last year and started a 360 degree appraisal mechanism.

According to sources, the Indian Army is also reviewing its current appraisal system. In the Army Commanders Conference held in April, this was also discussed among the Army Commanders. According to sources, a letter has also been sent to all the commands by the MS (Military Secretary) branch of the Army and their opinion has been sought. The MS branch looks after the transfer, promotion and career plans of the officers. All the commands have been given two options and their opinion has been sought on these. They have been asked whether a model like the Navy can be adopted for appraisal in the Army or whether peer assessment can be done. According to sources, in peer review, the opinion of fellow officers can also be included in the ACR of any officer in addition to his/her seniors. So that at the time of promotion, any officer can be evaluated correctly and from all angles.

What is the Navy model?

While changing its appraisal system last year, the Navy had said that the appraisal model till now is a top-down approach, that is, seniors have been appraising juniors. But it does not reveal the impact of an officer on his/her juniors. In the new system of the Navy, when an officer’s name is considered for promotion, the evaluation of his/her fellow officers and junior officers is also important. In this, fellow officers and junior officers are asked questions about the officer’s professional knowledge, leadership quality, ability to deal with crisis situations and how fit he/she is for a high rank.

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