Monday, February 6th, 2023

Navya Naveli is a liar of number one, Jaya Bachchan-Shweta Bachchan opened the pole, when she was caught red handed

Although Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Navya Naveli wants to stay away from acting, but this time she has come among the fans through a special show. His podcast ‘What the Hell Navya’ continues in which for the first time the audience is listening to many stories of the Bachchan family. Along with Navya, her mother Shweta Bachchan and maternal grandmother Jaya Bachchan also do this podcast. During this Shweta and Jaya told that Navya Naveli is a number one liar. Once Jaya Bachchan caught him red handed. Let us tell you what this story was.

In the third episode of ‘What the Hell Navya’, Shweta and Jaya Bachchan revealed that Navya Naveli tells a lot of lies too. But she is so raw in telling lies that every time she was caught because of her childish antics. Jaya Bachchan shared this entire story.

She tells that a few years ago Navya and her brother Agastya had gone out for a Christmas party. For both, the family had fixed the time to return home on time. But it was time and the children had not returned home, so Shweta Bachchan called Navya and asked where are you guys and how long is it going to take?

Shweta Bachchan narrated the story of Navya
After listening to the mother, Navya replied on the phone that mother, we have come and are walking near the house. While both were in the same party at that time also. I said again what do you think mother is stupid?

Jaya Bachchan opens up about Navya
Similarly, maternal grandmother Jaya Bachchan also shared an anecdote of Navya’s lies. He told that ‘Once Navya had gone out. I can’t sleep until the kids come home. I got up and was waiting for Navya. It was dark but Navya had not returned. I called Navya where is she then granddaughter said she is in her room. She had come a long time ago. After this, Jaya Bachchan immediately goes to Navya’s room and sees that Navya is not in the room at all. Just then she was coming to the house. Then Nani Jaya caught the granddaughter red handed.

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