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Monday, July 15th, 2024

Nainital Forest Fire: Tourists scared of forest fire, hotel bookings are getting canceled continuously; businessman troubled

Tanuj Pandey/ Nainital: These days fire season is being seen in almost all the districts of Uttarakhand. The forests of Nainital district are also burning to some extent. But, the forest department and district administration are making every possible effort to extinguish the fire. They are also getting success in this. Meanwhile, news of fire in Nainital is also in the headlines due to which tourists are afraid to come here. They are canceling hotel bookings. Till now 40 percent booking has been cancelled. Hotels and other businessmen are also troubled by this. Hotel Association says that Nainital is completely safe from forest fire. Tourists should come here without any fear. They are ready to welcome them here.

Hotel Association General Secretary Ved Shah told during a special conversation with Local 18 that till 15th April last year, online booking was done continuously in small and big hotels of the city. Tourism business was better. But, this time there is an atmosphere of fear among the tourists after the incidents of fire in the forests of Uttarakhand. The news of the fire in the forests of Nainital was spread across the country through social media. However, the fire did not break out in Nainital city but in the surrounding forests. This was controlled in time. But, even after this, tourists have canceled their bookings. He told that after the fire incidents, about 2000 tourists from Nainital city have canceled their bookings.

Administration should come forward
Ved Shah says that first the Lok Sabha elections and then the forest fire have affected the tourism of Nainital. Due to this, tourism related business has declined. The information about forest fire in Nainital has been wrongly spread through social media. In such a situation, calls from many tourists are also coming daily. There is fear in the minds of people that fire has broken out in Nainital city. Whereas, there is nothing like that. He said that at such a time, the administration should come forward and send a message to the people through the media that it is absolutely safe to come to Nainital. The forest fire has been extinguished. By taking some such steps, the falling tourism star of Nainital can be brought back on track.


first published : May 2, 2024, 12:36 IST

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