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Nagaur News: 9th student made multi purpose stove in just two days, know its specialty

Nagaur. You must have seen stoves in rural areas which are being used since ancient times. But today we are going to tell you about such a stove, which can be used in three ways. This stove is known as multi purpose stove. The student has made this stove in just two days. Nirmal Chaudhary made a multi-purpose stove A student of class 9th of Government Higher Secondary School, Kuchaman made a multi-purpose stove in just two days. The teacher helped the student to make this stove. By collecting the waste lying in the houses from this chulha, it can become a source of income.

stove made like this
Nirmal Chowdhary told that this chulha has been constructed with a very simple method. Everyone can make this stove at their home. To make this hearth, a double sheet of iron, three holes on it and gave it the shape of the English alphabet.

can use like this
This multi purpose stove can be used in three functions. That’s why three holes have been made on this chulha. Because heating and cooking food by pouring water from the first hole, and making distilled water through the steam of hot water. A vent has also been installed in this stove, through which hot water can be taken out.

Income for farmers from chulha
This stove can also become a source of income for the farmers. Because of the multi-use of this stove, the farmer can also earn income from it. Because distilled water is produced from this stove, so that the farmer can collect water and sell it in the laboratory and increase his income.

This stove will save time
In rural areas even today, cooking and hot water and many other works are done by the stove. But using this multi-purpose stove will save time and can also become a source of income.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : February 02, 2023, 15:15 IST

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