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My Story: My Sister’s Husband Has Been My Boyfriend, I Told Her On Her Wedding Day

Someone has rightly said that the feeling of first love is very special. Not only do you have the best time of your life with that person, but movie dates-kissing and holding hands-and romantic talks are also common. In such a situation, after seeing him suddenly in front of you after years, you cannot feel comfortable. Exactly the same happened with me. Years later when I saw my first love, I remembered the time we were together. However, I met her at the wedding. This marriage was not of anyone else but himself. (All images are indicative, we protect the identity of users in the stories shared by them)

Sister’s relationship is confirmed

Actually, one day my cousin sister messaged me, in which she told that she is going to tie the knot very soon. I became very happy after reading his message. This is because after a long time there was going to be a wedding in our family, in which we were going to have a lot of fun. I bought all the lehenga-jewellery to look perfect in my sister’s wedding. I even started dieting to look perfect. However, during this time my mother also started teasing me as to when I would get my Mr. Right.

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The wedding craze turned into a surprise

The wedding craze turned into a surprise

As time passed, my excitement about my sister’s wedding kept increasing. However, the only thing I regret during this time is that I did not ask her who is her bridegroom. I didn’t know with whom her marriage was fixed. As soon as we reached the venue. We were very well received. I hugged my cousin and congratulated her on her marriage. I asked her to show me her bridegroom. Then she said that the bridegroom is near. I was shocked to see her. That’s because he was none other than my first love.

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we both told everything to sister

we both told everything to sister

My sister happily introduced me to my future husband. He was as shocked to see me as I was. He asked me how I am. I shook my head and said ok. He asked me will you come with me as I am telling everything about my past to Ruhi. I found it all very strange. That’s because my sister didn’t know he was my boyfriend. Even though we didn’t mean anything to each other now, but even after this we thought it appropriate to tell each other everything.

We both told everything to our sister. He said that all this is a thing of the past. Ruhi handled everything very well and then I heaved a sigh of relief. But deep down in my heart there was still a lot of sadness. This is because I could not see him loving my sister. However, I shouldn’t have been sad as we had a mutual breakup.

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kept myself busy

kept myself busy

For the next few days, my heart was breaking seeing both of them in the wedding rituals. We both hardly talked. I kept myself busy so that I didn’t think too much about them. As the wedding day approached, I prepared myself to say one thing to her. I went to him and said I am happy that you have found your life partner. Always be happy. I never thought I would ever need to say this.

Really first love hurts a lot. However, it is not necessary that this happens with everyone. After completion of all the rituals of marriage, I also moved on in my life. I am also looking for a stable relationship now.

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