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My Story: I saw my husband doing black magic, in a plastic bag I…

Question: I am a married woman. I had an arranged marriage with my husband a few months ago. Everything was going well between us. I didn’t have any problem with him, but until I saw him doing black magic. Actually, the matter is such that after a few days of marriage, I had joined the office. I was going to my work like every day. But one day I came back home early to surprise her. What I saw after that blew my mind.

I saw that she had a doll in her hand. All those creepy things were kept around him, which I had only seen in movies. At first I thought maybe I had misunderstood. This is because no normal person can do this. But when he went out the next day, I searched his belongings. During this time I found some rice and vermilion in a plastic bag in a corner of her wardrobe. I was horrified to see them. I don’t know what to say to her? I don’t know how to deal with all this. (All images are indicative, we protect the identity of users in the stories shared by them)

Expert Answer

Vishal Bhardwaj, relationship coach and founder of Predictions for Success It is said that magic has always been a curious subject for people. The biggest reason behind this is because man is always excited to see life and death. However, modern science does not accept Tantra-Mantra. But he definitely understands the psychology behind it, which cannot be ignored.

This is also one of the reasons why whenever it comes to Tantra-Mantra or Astrology, most of the people start taking interest in it. Where some people leave it after reading it, many move towards practical exercises. The same is being seen with your husband as well.

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talk to your husband

on the same subject Founder of AIR Institute of Realization and AIR Center of Enlightenment Ravi It is said that you have seen your husband doing black magic. In such a situation, let me tell you that black magic is not as dangerous as we think.

I agree that seeing strange things is very scary. But sometimes we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. It may be that he is only interested in Tantra-Mantra and is trying to practice. In this situation, I would advise you to discuss all your doubts with your husband. Question them. Ask them why they are doing this.

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these things can break a marriage

I am well aware of your problem. But let me tell you that marriage completely rests on love and trust. Only those people can walk together in this journey, who have faith in each other along with love. If you do not trust your partner, then your relationship will not last long.

If you want your marriage to work out perfectly, you have to trust your husband. Once you get married, you should work towards making this relationship a success. Such doubts should not be allowed to affect the marriage.

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