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Mutual Fund: Who gave the highest returns in mutual funds, how to choose the best fund manager for yourself?


Iproo PMS Pipe Strategy Scheme gave 20.3% returns in one year.
Has given 33.9 percent return in three years and 29.3 percent in five years.
The factor that worked for asset management is the BMV triad.

New Delhi. Investment in mutual funds is continuously increasing in the country. Investors are now preferring it instead of FD. The biggest reason for this is the tremendous returns available. Investors who invest more money in the market are now demanding products like Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Alternative Investment Fund (AIF). These products are supposed to give more returns, but it requires the right strategy. It is not easy for any investor to get good returns from these funds and this is where the investment strategy of the fund house comes in handy.

Asset Management Companies (AMCs) also have PMS offers in the market, but they are not beneficial for all investors. We should base our selection on products like PMS and AIF on the basis of returns. It would be wise to take help of such fund managers who have been able to give better returns even in difficult times. Don’t hand over your money to any fund managers just on claims. Good returns on such investments are achieved only when equal attention is paid to areas like institutional grade risk management, compliance, investment and research process, distribution and back-end strength.

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who had a great performance
If we talk about returns from such funds, then ICICI Prudential PMS PIPE Strategy and ICICI Prudential PMS Contra Strategy have performed best in 2022 and achieved 20% growth. ICICI Prudential PMS Flexi Cap Strategy was among the top five performers.

high return schemes
IPru PMS Pipe Strategy Scheme has given 20.3% returns in one year, 33.9% in three years and 29.3% in five years. Similarly, the returns of Iproo PMS Contra Strategy Scheme have been 20% in one year, 27.8% in three years and 24.3% in five years. IPru PMS Large Cap Strategy Scheme has also given strong performance and has given 11.2% returns in one year, 21.8% in three years and 18.9% in five years. The returns of IPru PMS Flexi Strategy Scheme have also been 6.2 per cent in one year, 17.7 per cent in three years and 17.3 per cent in five years.

BMV’s strategy worked
The factor that worked for asset management is the BMV (Business-Management-Valuation) triad. The BMV framework helps in selecting companies with strong business models, quality management and fair valuations. Anand Shah, head of PMS and AIF investments at ICICI Prudential AMC, says it is important to understand that comfortable does not always mean profitable. We aim to identify investment ideas that have not been explored much so far.

what should be the strategy in the long term
If one is investing for the long term, one must think about stability in income growth. By identifying good companies in the sector with future growth and earnings potential, the short term market volatility should be removed and the emphasis should be on long term value creation.

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Where to invest in 2023
Shah says that in the year 2023 and beyond, the wheel of development can move towards sectors like manufacturing and allied businesses, banking, telecom, real estate. We see opportunities in niche companies within telecom and real estate, where both support and valuations look promising.

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