Monday, February 6th, 2023

Must follow these rules while living in Delhi, otherwise it will be difficult to make this city your own

The country’s capital Delhi is called the city of hearts. To a large extent this is true. Whoever goes here, stays in this city. People like the lifestyle here very much. The nightlife here is no less than a paradise for the youngsters. Due to national and international companies, people from other cities come here for jobs. Delhi is a very economical city in terms of budget and security. But if you are living or going to live here, you have to follow some rules here.
No one may have told you this yet, but if you are in Delhi, you will have to follow the rules and regulations there. Well it is not a serious matter, but if you are in Delhi, there are some things that the sooner you accept, the easier it will be for you to settle here. Come, today we are telling you about some rules of Delhi, knowing which is very important for the people living here.

don’t say brother

Usually we call any shopkeeper or auto driver as Bhaiya, but let us tell you that here people do not like to hear Bhaiya. Hearing this, their ego may get hurt and they may never help you. In this case, excuse me is a good word.

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Don’t break the law

Unless you know the law, don’t think of breaking the law here, because the law breaker gets punished here.

Do not joke –

It is not that joking is a crime in Delhi, but you cannot joke about a particular community even by mistake. Since people of every religion, caste and community live in Delhi, your joke about any community can backfire.

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Can’t come back empty handed

If you have gone shopping in the market of Delhi, then you cannot return empty handed. The markets here are so cheap that even if you do not want to buy anything, you will return home after doing a lot of shopping.

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Don’t ride in the crowd in the metro.

If you are in Delhi and have to travel by metro many times in connection with the job, then this rule must be followed. Don’t get into a crowded metro in a hurry. Metro comes here every two minutes, so wait for the second one.

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