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Must check these things in Second Hand iPhone, then buy without worry

Second Hand iphone: The Android user sometimes thinks that he too should have an iPhone and try to experience the iPhone for a few days. Not all people can buy iPhone because they are very expensive. The price of the latest model of iPhone has gone up to more than 1 lakh. In such a situation, second hand iPhone is the only option for people with low budget. If you are also thinking of buying a second hand iPhone, then know today what things you should check while buying a smartphone. Actually, these days many other dummy sets are being sold in the market in the name of iPhone and people are being cheated. In such a situation, you should not be a victim of this, so today know some things which you have to check while buying a second hand iPhone.

Buy a second hand iPhone like this

Check detail on website

To confirm whether the iPhone is genuine or fake, you can check by entering the serial number of the iPhone on Apple’s official website. Also keep in mind that the serial number written in the box matches with the iPhone. You go to website and enter the serial number here. As soon as you press enter, you will see all the information related to the phone. If you do not see any information on entering the serial number, then understand that the phone is fake.

icloud not locked

While buying a second hand iPhone, make sure that its iCloud is not locked. If the iCloud of the phone is locked then it is more likely that it is a stolen phone. Even Apple can’t help you when iCloud is locked. That’s why always buy a phone in which iCloud is not locked and the old account is deleted.

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Take care of battery health

While buying a second hand iPhone, do check its battery health as well. If the battery health of the iPhone is around 80% then buying it is a profitable deal for you. If the battery health is between 50 to 65%, then after some time this iPhone will start troubling you.


Apple has given this facility to the users in their new iPhones that they can check whether the display of the iPhone is original or not. To check this, you have to go inside the Display and Brightness setting. Here if you are able to turn on ‘True Tone’ then understand that the display is original. If it does not turn on, then understand that the display of the iPhone has been changed.

Apart from this, while taking a second hand iPhone, do check that its camera and back and front glass are not broken. If there is damage to the glass, it reduces the water resistance rating of the smartphone. That is, the chances of damage to the mobile phone increase. Note, always take the bill while taking second hand iPhone.

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