Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

Muslims In Canada: Security personnel stopped a person offering Namaz at the station in Ottawa, Canada, lost his/her job


Ottawa: An incident in Canada is currently being discussed a lot. Here at a railway station, the security guard stopped a Muslim man from offering Namaz. This guard has now been removed from his/her job. The name of the passenger with whom this incident happened is being told as Ahmed. Ahmed told CTV News in Ottawa that the security guard came up to him/her and said, ‘You don’t pray here.’ This security guard worked with Canada’s Via Rail. Ahmad’s prayer had already been completed when he/she was prevented from doing so.

viral video on social media
“The security guard can be heard saying don’t pray here,” Ahmad said. We do not want you people to offer Namaz here. Because of you, our other customers are getting upset. Praying out next time.’ The incident took place last week and Ahmed spoke to the media about it on Thursday. A person passing by also made a video of this whole matter. This video went viral after a while. As soon as it went viral, people started expressing their displeasure in different ways on social media. Whatever Ahmed told is confirmed in this video.
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demand for investigation of the incident
A statement has been given on this incident by Via Rail and the National Council of Canadian Muslims. According to the statement, this incident is very sad and condemnable. This organization fights for the rights of Muslims. The organization has demanded that this incident should be properly investigated. The statement said talks are ongoing with Ahmed, who was prevented from praying at the Ottawa station, following the incident. Ahmed says that this incident has made him/her very ashamed. At the same time, he/she is also very upset. They cannot believe that all this is happening in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

Via Rail apologized to Ahmed
On the other hand, Via Rail has also apologized to Ahmed. Via Rail says that this entire incident will be investigated. Along with this, he/she has also talked about ensuring security for the Muslim community. Via Rail says that whatever results come after the investigation, action will be taken against the guilty security guard. Via Rail has strongly condemned Islamophobia and also said that any kind of discriminatory behavior will not be accepted. In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in hate crimes against Muslims in Canada.

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