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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

‘Munjya’ beat ‘Chandu Champion’ on the fourth day, Tom and Jerry game begins at the box office

There is a cat and mouse game going on at the box office right now. This game of Tom and Jerry has now started between ‘Chandu Champion’ and ‘Munjya’. In fact, ‘Chandu Champion’, which was released only 4 days ago, has lagged behind ‘Munjya’ which has been running in theaters for the last 11 days. This week is going to be very important for Kartik Aryan’s biopic ‘Chandu Champion’, made in about 120 crores, which will decide the success or failure of this film. However, in terms of the first day of the weekdays, the film’s earnings on Monday fell directly by half compared to Sunday. In such a situation, if there is a further decline in the earnings this week, then it may prove to be very difficult for the film to recover its cost. At the same time, ‘Munjya’, which was made in a budget of about 30 crores and released 11 days ago, continues to be a hit.
Kabir Khan’s ‘Chandu Champion’ is the story of the never-say-die story of Muralikant Petkar, India’s first Paralympic gold medal winner. Karthik is playing the role of Petkar in this film and he/she is receiving a lot of praise for this role. Many critics have also called this film Karthik’s best film till date. However, according to the reviews, this film is not getting much success at the box office. The film had a weak opening and could earn only 4.75 crores on the first day. While the film earned 9.75 crores on Sunday, its earnings fell on Monday, which is not a big deal in terms of weekdays.

According to the report of sacnilk, after earning 9.75 crores on Sunday, the film has now earned 4.75 crores on Monday. Thus, the total earnings at the box office have reached close to 26.25 crores. While worldwide this film earned 33.00 crores in three days, its earnings have crossed 38 crores in four days.

Mona Singh and Sharvari Wagh’s film ‘Munjya’ rocks the box office

Apart from this, Mona Singh and Sharvari Wagh’s film ‘Munjya’ has been making a splash at the box office for the last 11 days. The earnings of this film are surprising every day. While in recent times, films of big stars could not survive for 10 days, this film is earning a lot.

‘Munjya’ defeated ‘Chandu Champion’ on Monday

This film earned the highest on the 10th day on Sunday and it was around 8.5 crores. On Monday, the film’s earnings also declined, but despite this, it has beaten ‘Chandu Champion’. ‘Munjya’ has collected 5 crores on the 11th day and has earned 58.8 crores in total. This film has earned around 72 crores worldwide so far.

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