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Munawwar Farooqui now breaks silence on son and Nazil, why not talk about it, revealed

Munawar Faruqui, the winner of the controversial reality show Lock Up, told Kangana Ranaut in jail that he is married and has a son. Its picture was also made public, after which everyone was in shock. According to the Stand Up Comedian, he never talked about it because he has filed a divorce and on the other he does not want all this to affect his son. Because if he tells even a little bit, people will try to know more. By doing this in the show, he talked about it, but after coming out from there, he himself talked about the child and marriage.

In a special conversation with the Times of India, Munawwar said that he wants to give everything to his son in life. Along with this, he has also given the reason behind keeping silence about Nazil. He told that he is missing being in front of the public 24×7. Also, when he came out of the lock-up, he first met his family and ate his favorite food. After this he said about the son, ‘I was not ready to talk about my past on the show. Although he did feel at one point of time that he should not hide this fact.

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Munawwar Farooqui said this for his son
Munavvar says, ‘It happens to everyone, when we are battling 4-5 problems together in life, then we try to make only one deal at that time.’ They say that everyone has a past. He also has, ‘Now when I am a popular face and have got the celebrity tag. So I will talk about my personal life. And anyway it is no longer personal. The comedians are extremely excited to meet their son. And soon he will meet her. ‘I always think to give him a good life which will enable him to fulfill his dreams. I want to make him a good person. I want to give him all the happiness in the world. And want to be with him forever.

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Munawwar Farooqui also said about Nazila
At the same time, while talking about Nazila, Munawwar said that he has known Nazila for almost a year and is dating her for a few months. He said that things were not right inside the lock up so he did not talk about them. She was out anyway, so things could have gotten worse. He did not want to reveal the identity of Nazila as he is very protective of her.

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