Sunday, June 4th, 2023

Mumbai: Fraud of 2 crores from a bank official by luring investment in cryptocurrency

Cyber ​​Crime: The trend of cryptocurrency is increasing rapidly today. People still do not have much knowledge about this digital currency, due to which they also become victims of fraud. One such case has come to the fore in Mumbai. Here a bank official was duped of about two crore rupees by pretending to invest in cryptocurrency. 

The cybercrime team of Mumbai Police is now engaged in investigating the entire matter. According to the police, according to the accused, the accused cheated the victim bank official about Rs 2 crore by promising more benefits in cryptocurrency. In the greed of getting more returns, the victim bank officer wanted to invest more and more. 

Put everything into cryptocurrency

The victim gave his entire savings to the thug to invest in crypto. Not only this, he also mortgaged his flat and even took a loan from the bank. The complainant told the police that his friend was talking to him about cryptocurrency. Then he got a call from a guy who asked him if he was interested in crypto? The caller added you to a group on the Telegram app. Many other people were also involved in this group. 

Information was available on Telegram

In this group, a person used to give information about investing in cryptocurrency and posted screenshots of the profit from it. 
The complainant said that cyber fraudsters sent him a link with a wallet address and asked him to invest through it. said to It was through that link that he opened a crypto wallet and bought Tether (a popular crypto coin whose value is equal to the US dollar). 

An excuse made for demanding money

Cyber ​​fraudsters showed Tether deposits on his crypto wallet and also showed profits on his investments in virtual wallets. The complainant told that he bought more than 2.42 lakh crypto coins during two months. However, whenever he wanted to withdraw his profits and investments, he was asked to pay ‘commission, GST and other government charges’. He paid some fee but did not get his money back.

Police started investigation

When he insisted to take his money, he was removed from the Telegram group. Along with this, his crypto wallet was also closed. On the complaint of the victim, the police has started investigation. Police told that the WhatsApp number from which he had received the fraud call for the first time, seems to be from Hong Kong. Apart from this, to reach the fraudsters, the police has written letters to more than 70 crypto exchange platforms asking for details of crypto wallets.

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