Friday, December 1st, 2023

MP Weather Update: Clouds cover many districts including Bhopal, Meteorological Department warns of rain

Bhopal: The weather patterns of Madhya Pradesh are constantly changing. Continuous fluctuations in temperature continue. Till two days ago, the mercury had fallen rapidly in the state. The temperature in many cities had reached near 11 degrees Celsius. At the same time, an increase in temperature was recorded on Monday. The minimum temperature rose to 13 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the maximum temperature remains stable. On the other hand, the maximum temperature in many cities has also increased.

The temperature in 20 districts of the state was recorded more than 30 degrees Celsius. Talking about the minimum temperature of major cities, the lowest minimum temperature in the state was recorded in Datia at 13 degrees Celsius. The temperature was recorded at 13.8 degrees Celsius in Gwalior, 13.6 in Rajgarh, 14 in Khargone, 16.1 in Bhopal, 18.6 in Indore and 15.6 degrees Celsius in Jabalpur.

Talking about the maximum temperature, it was 32.8 degree Celsius in Damoh, 32 in Mandla, 30.6 in Bhopal, 28.2 in Gwalior, 29.7 in Indore, and 30.2 degree Celsius in Jabalpur. The temperature in many cities remained above 30 degrees Celsius on Monday. Meteorologists are predicting that there may be light rain in some parts of the state between 25th and 27th November.

At the same time, it may remain cloudy in some districts including the capital Bhopal. No effects of severe cold are visible anywhere in the state for a week. Talking about the coldest district in the state, the day temperature in Betul fell to 27.7 degrees Celsius, while if we talk about the night, Pachmarhi was the coldest. The minimum temperature here dropped to 11.4 degrees Celsius.

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According to the Meteorological Department, there has always been a trend of rain in Madhya Pradesh in the month of November. Sometimes it rains heavily and sometimes it reduces to drizzle, hence this year also rain is expected in some places. When will there be severe cold in the state? In response to this question, meteorologists say that at present such chances are not visible, but there is every possibility of severe cold in some places by the end of the month.

MP Weather Update: There may be rain in MP due to cyclone Midhili, Meteorological Department issued alert

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