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Mother, I am fine, please eat your food on time… Laborer trapped in Uttarkashi tunnel gave message

Uttarkashi: On the 10th day of Uttarkashi tunnel accident in Uttarakhand, some good news has come out regarding the workers trapped in the tunnel accident. Some laborers spoke to their relatives for the first time after 10 days. Actually, due to landslide, 41 laborers got trapped in the tunnel being built between Silkyara and Barkot. Efforts are being made to evacuate them for the last 10 days. However, till now success has not been achieved in this work. A continuous campaign is going on to evacuate the workers safely, but the problems of the affected families have increased. They are worried to see their family’s breadwinners trapped in the tunnel. The families of many workers have reached Silkyara. Such families were made to talk to their relatives trapped in the tunnel for the first time. In a way, this conversation has increased the ray of hope among the people on both sides. While talking to his relative, a worker said in his own language, it is okay to talk to mother. Ask them to eat food on time. Tell me not to worry about me. I am fine here. Food is being provided on time. Rescue operation is also going on. Everything will be fine soon.

Talks started on 6 inch pipeline

Till now the workers were being contacted through thin pipes in the tunnel. Due to this, the rescue team was also finding it difficult to reach out to the victim’s family. On Tuesday morning, the rescue team got a big success in the Silkyara Tunnel Collapse case. Communication was successfully developed with the workers trapped inside through a 6-inch pipeline. After this, laborer Jaidev trapped in the tunnel talked to the supervisor. Jaidev got his message recorded in Bengali. Requested to convey this message to his mother.

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Jaidev said, ‘Mother, tension corona aami thik achi. Time a kahe nebe. Babakeo time a kheye night bolbe.’ It means, mother, don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Please you and dad eat food on time. During this time, the supervisor advised the workers trapped in the tunnel not to worry and they will be taken out soon. After this, he also asked other laborers to give a message to their parents or relatives. The voice recording will be sent to his family members.

The workers recorded messages for their families. The workers have shown extraordinary patience and courage even after being trapped in the tunnel for 10 days. In his message, he is clearly heard asking the relatives not to worry. At the same time, family members of some laborers present at the spot also talked. During this time, he was seen talking to his family members about his own safety and giving the message of keeping his parents well.

6 inch plumbing functional

Arnold Dix, President of the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association, said that work is being done to make the 6-inch pipeline fully functional. Anold is currently supervising the ongoing rescue efforts at the Uttarkashi tunnel collapse site. Arnold Dix said Lifeline 6-inch pipeline was laid. Work is being done to make it fully functional. Work is being done to build an evacuation tunnel, which is also being drilled. The work of making it is also going on. A safe place is being searched inside the tunnel. This is an extremely dangerous environment. We are also making it a safe environment for the rescue workers. Auguring requires very precise engineering.

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Arnold further said that American Augur machines are not working at the moment. However, the rescue mission was later resumed. Earlier today, rescue teams managed to insert an endoscopy camera into the tunnel. The first scenes filmed in it showed that 41 workers had enough space to move around inside the tunnel.

Rescue team examined the workers

The rescue team was seen talking to the workers trapped in the tunnel through the pipeline. The rescue team requested the workers to come in front of the endoscopic flexi camera inserted through the pipeline. An employee took out the camera from the pipeline and placed it in a limited area so that everyone could be identified. All 41 trapped employees gathered near the camera and the rescue team asked them to clear the camera screen. The rescue team told them that the pipeline would be cleaned with water and a blower, so they asked them to put the cameras back and stay away from the pipeline and compressor.

On November 12, during the construction of a tunnel from Silkyara to Barkot, 41 workers were trapped after debris fell in a 60-meter section of the tunnel. It is believed that the workers are trapped in a 2km section of the under-construction tunnel. It is filled with concrete work which provides protection to the workers. This part of the tunnel has electricity and water facilities.

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