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Mother gets all the importance in the upbringing of the child, some such myths are spread about the father

Myth 1: Only the feelings of the expectant mother matter

With the changes in your wife’s body and the pain of labor, it’s easy to think that only her feelings matter. It’s legitimate to be concerned about your baby’s physical and mental health during and after birth, but your own feelings are important, too.
When you’re a father-to-be, it’s easy to talk enthusiastically about the positive aspects of fatherhood. Your mind is also full of fear and doubts regarding new responsibilities, so do not ignore your feelings.

Myth 2: Newborns don’t need a father


The deep bond between your wife and the newborn may take you by surprise and leave you wondering if your child really needs you. You may feel especially isolated if your wife is breastfeeding your child. But rest assured, you are also an essential part of a newborn’s life. It is comfortable and pleasant for him/her to be with you.

Myth 3: A career takes a back seat when the focus is on the kids


Many men put their family above their career and consider it more important to give time to their children and family than to pursue a better career. Today’s men feel that being a good father is an important achievement in life and they are choosing it as a priority because they want to do so.

Myth 4: You are destined to be like your father


It comes to the mind of every man that like his/her father, he/she too will fulfill all his/her responsibilities towards his/her child. In many homes, being a good father means providing a home, food, and education for the family. Our own fathers may not spend as much time with us as we would like to spend with our children.

But he/she did what he/she thought was best for us, given the social and family demands of the time. However, now the need has changed regarding a father. Today’s children not only expect their fathers to fulfill their needs, but they also have to spend some quality time with their fathers.

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