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Most of the germs are there in these places, if the child is not kept away then he will fall ill.

The risk of falling sick increases further in winter. It is common to have cold and cough in this season. There is hardly any person left in the cold season who has not had cough or cold once. On the other hand, these problems are very common in children because their immunity is weak and they easily fall prey to germs and seasonal diseases. Compared to adults, children are less aware and cautious about cleanliness, so they can come under the grip of germs, viruses and diseases caused by them.

There is no way to avoid harmful germs as they are present everywhere but still you can prevent kids from touching the most germy places. In this way you can prevent the child from falling ill again and again. Here we are telling you about some such places where most germs live. Knowing about these places, try to keep your child away from them.


Children love to play in the playground. They are very active mentally and physically, that’s why they play. But the playground is a breeding ground for germs and viruses that can be passed from one child to another through monkey bars, slides, etc. You tell your child that after touching these things, do not touch the mouth, nose and hands.

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​Bathroom Doors, Latch and Handle

Bathroom is the most normal place for germs and bacteria to grow but its doors can be a real danger. Often, adults and children wash their hands after going to the bathroom. But how many actually wash or sanitize their hands after getting out of the bathroom. Not only the bathroom door, but any door handle, latch around the house or outside is more likely to be contaminated.

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the switch

Electrical switches can be one of the most touched objects, so they are also some of the most contaminated surfaces in the home. Whenever it is touched, infectious bacteria are left behind, increasing the risk of disease to other people.

First and foremost, do not allow children to play with electrical equipment including switches. Clean the switch once a week with a disinfecting wipe.


Pets can also carry germs and bring bacteria into the home. If your child is very close to a household pet, instead of preventing them from playing with them, keep your pet clean, wash and wipe their paws before entering the house, and when your child spends quality time with the pet. If you have been there, ask them to wash their hands afterwards.

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school desk

There is another place where your child is likely to spend a lot of time and that is their school. Children in school spend most of the day at their desks. Therefore, any sneeze, cough germs and fluid from the nose spread everywhere. Other students, or your own child, may be exposed to germs, bacteria or viruses.

Teach your child to keep the desk clean. Ask them to disinfect every surface with disposable wipes. Also teach to wash hands or clean hands.

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