Monday, February 6th, 2023

Morgan Stanley will also lay off employees, 1600 people will be laid off!

Morgan Stanley Layoffs 2022: The effects of recession are starting to show in America. In the last few times, many big multinational companies have fired their employees. Many companies like Twitter, Facebook’s parent company Meta, e-commerce company Amazon, Pepsico etc. have laid off employees. Now the name of financial company Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley Layoffs 2022) has also been added to this list.

so many employees will be laid off

On Tuesday i.e. 6 December 2022, the company has fired 2 percent of its staff i.e. about 1600 employees. According to the report published in New York Times, this layoff of Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley Layoffs) will also affect the remaining 82,000 employees working in it. Talking to the news agency Reuters, James Gorman said that after a lot of thought, we have laid off very few employees.

PepsiCo laid off more than 100 employees

Earlier, the world’s largest beverage company PepsiCo has also fired more than 100 of its employees. According to media reports, PepsiCo has shown the way out to hundreds of employees working in PepsiCo North American Snack and Beverages Division. More than 100 employees have been laid off in both these divisions. Let us tell you that PepsiCo makes many things like Chips, Quaker Oats, Doritos and cold drinks.

Many companies laid off

Let us tell you that the fear of recession in America is increasing continuously. Due to this, many companies of the country are laying off their employees. This includes companies like Twitter, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft etc. Due to these retrenchments, job crisis can be seen all over the world in the coming times.

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