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Moonlighting Controversy: Minister of State for IT in favor of employees on ‘Moonlighting’, said – the way to impose restrictions will fail

Photo:PTI Rajeev Chandrashekhar


  • Appreciated the view of professional staff on the issue of moonlighting
  • The companies effort is definitely going to fail
  • Moonlighting should not result in breach of contract with the company

Moonlighting Controversy: Minister of State for Electronics, Information Technology and Skill Development, Rajeev Chandrasekhar has said that days are gone when employees spend their entire lives in the same job after getting jobs in big technology companies, amid a heated debate over the practice of ‘moonlighting’ among professionals. I used to spend When an employee works independently in addition to his regular job, it is technically called ‘moonlighting’. The growing trend of ‘moonlighting’ among technology professionals has sparked a new debate in the industry.

Wipro sacks 300 employees

Information technology company Wipro Limited has recently sacked 300 of its employees for working in two places i.e. ‘moonlighting’. After this this issue has come in the center of discussion very fast. Chandrashekhar, while addressing an event of the Public Affairs Forum of India (PAFI) on Friday, appreciated the views of the professional staff on the issue of moonlighting. He said that the efforts of companies to impose restrictions on their employees and prevent them from setting up their own startups are definitely going to fail. “Today’s youth are full of confidence, they want to increase their value and earn more money. That’s why companies say that you should not work on your startup and their efforts to ban employees will definitely not succeed. should not be violated.

Changes in thinking and attitude

According to an official release, Chandrashekhar said at the event that this is the era of employee-entrepreneurs and the corporate world and companies have to understand that there has been a change in the mindset and attitude of the young Indian technical workforce. “Every method of imposing restrictions will fail. Employers want employees to remain entrepreneurial while engaging with them. But this same thing can be applied to the employees themselves as well.” Chandreshkhar said, “It is similar to what lawyers or consultants do. This is how the work will be done in future.”

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