Sunday, May 28th, 2023

‘Montang’ emerging as new tourist spot of Tripura, people coming from far and wide to see it

‘Montang’ Tripura New Tourist Destination: Montang, situated on the hills of Atharamura in Khoi district of Tripura, is emerging as a new spot of attraction for tourists due to its natural beauty. Prasannajit Debnath, professor of the Department of Journalism at Tripura University, who recently returned after visiting Montang, says that along with the local people, tourists are also coming in large numbers to see this hill. He told that the people of Tripura give it the noun of ‘Shanti ka Pahar’ i.e. ‘Mountain of Peace’, on which clouds are often seen roaming.

The thin road is about 30 km from National Highway No. 8 near Chakmaghat Barrage. It goes till the Atharamura hill. This place is situated at a distance of about 80 kilometers from Agartala, the capital of Tripura. Debnath says the place became a talking point when filmmaker-turned-politician Kamal Kalai built a hut ‘Tong Ghar’ on the bamboo houses he himself had returned from after spending some time there. According to the report of the news agency PTI, Kalai, who comes from the tribal community, said, ‘Getting away from the daily busy life and daily routine, I thought of spending some time at Tong Ghar. I thought that I would prepare the rice and vegetables gathered from “Jhum Kheti” and bring fish from a small river flowing on the hill and cook it.

large number of people visiting

He told that after the photos of this place were circulated on social media, Montang has become a tourist place or a destination worth visiting for tourists. Now a large number of people and nature lovers have started coming here. Kalai had won the election in April last year. Now he is a member of Tripura Tribal Territorial Autonomous District Council (TTAADC). At least two-thirds of the state’s areas come under this council. After becoming an executive member of the tribal council, he got funds under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY).

The dream is to make Montang a tourist spot.

With this fund, he built a road from National Highway No. 8 to Montang, which falls in his constituency. After this he also built ‘Tong Ghar’ there. Kalai says that my dream is to make Montang completely a tourist spot. TTAADC does not have enough funds to spend. That’s why I want the State Tourism Department to pay full attention to the development here. Also look at the law and order situation, because people are now continuously coming to see this place.

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