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Money Power! 24 year old girl becomes the bride of 85 year old real estate businessman, couple will get happiness through IVF

Money is not everything in life, but it is a lot. This has been proved right once again. A 24 year old girl has married an 85 year old man. By the way, many such incidents are seen. But, there is another new thing in this story. That is money. The old man is a real estate businessman and he has made a girl 61 years younger than him a partner. Although the argument of love is being given here too, but the truth is in front of all of us. On digging the truth of this relationship, we can clearly see the power of money. According to the girl, the 85-year-old man is capable of giving her physical pleasure. But, this couple is planning to achieve child-happiness through IVF.

Let us tell that both of them met in the laundry shop. This 24-year-old girl used to work in a laundry shop, where an 85-year-old businessman used to come to wash clothes. Both fell in love at first sight as soon as they bumped into each other. By the way, this story is not of India, but of America across the seven seas. But this story is relevant everywhere. The old man’s name is Charles Pogue and the girl’s name is Miracle Pogue. Both of them are making headlines in the American media. Miracle told that in the shop, Charles often wanted to hand over clothes to me. I also did not want anyone else to touch his clothes. Meanwhile, the phase of getting to know and understand each other continued. The age gap disappeared. Then the day also came, when real estate businessman Charles gathered courage and proposed Miracle for marriage in February 2020.

Miracle says, ‘When my mother Tamika Phillips, 45, and grandfather Joe Brown, 72, came to know about this relationship, they openly supported.’ Miracle, who lives in Starkville, Mississippi, US, says, ‘One day Charles came in front of me and threw down a piece of paper like a player and said – write down your number. Told that Charles was my knight. The age gap between us was 61 years, but I felt comfortable with him.

Miracle said that it does not matter to me whether he is 55 or 100 years old. During that time I thought he must be in his 60s or 70s because he looked very smart. Apart from this, he was also very active. When I told in my house that I want to be the bride of 85 year old Charles, my grandfather was very supportive. However, my father did not approve of this relationship. In such a situation, I publicly told my father, ‘If you do not come to my wedding, you will lose me forever. After meeting my father also liked Charles. The wedding day was wonderful too. Best day of my life.

Despite the difference of 61 years in age, Miracle is doing family planning. She wants to have two children. Miracle said that we had gone to IVF clinic for this, after going there it felt as if they were judging us. I know I’ll outlive Charles, but I’ll make him happy in every way we can while we’re together.

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